Once you own a toy poodle, you will be spoiled for life. Most poodles have a solid coat of grey, brown, apricot, black, or white; the most common color being white or black. We prefer working with reds, chocolates, and partis. They are unique. A parti simply has a partly-colored coat. One of the perks to owning a parti, red or chocolate is all the attention you’ll get. They are so striking, many people can’t resist coming over for a closer look. The toy poodle is such a versatile dog that he can be all things to all people. Most of us have seen poodles perform in the circus as they are highly intelligent, making training fairly simple. Any effort put into training reaps high rewards. Toy poodles do not shed, making them a good choice for allergy sufferers. Because they are hypoallergenic and highly intelligent, we like to use them in most of our designer breeds. Most of our purebred poodles will weigh in the 6 – 10 pound range as adults.

We have been breeding Toy Poodle puppies for the past 17 years and strive to breed healthy, top quality puppies. We are looking for responsible people to take our puppies into their home so as to love them and spoil them with all their needs.

Raised underfoot and well socialized to adapt to your home environment. Our puppies are vet checked and tested before they are sold and leave with a health certificate. Most Toy Poodles live long, happy, healthy lives thanks to the efforts of dedicated, responsible breeders as Stamina Toy Poodle Home who routinely test all breeding stock.

Poodles of any size are very active dogs who require good exercise every day to suit their high energy level. Poodles are eager for all kinds of activity, and they enjoy keeping busy. Swimming is great exercise for them, and most Poodles love to get in the water. Bred as hunting dogs, their impulse is to retrieve, so tossing toys, sticks, or balls for them will exercise both their mind and body. They also thrive on going for jogs or long walks with their human.

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